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General Homestead Exemption (Owner Occupied)
Illinois statutes provide for an exemption to the equalized assessed value on homes occupied by the person legally responsible for the payment of real estate taxes. Please contact the Coe Township Assessor when moving to a residence so she can update the records.

Senior Homestead Exemption
The Senior Homestead Exemption is granted to owner-occupied properties when the owner is 65 years-of-age or older and occupies the property on January 1st of the assessment year. Owners reaching 65 years may apply for the exemption at the Coe Township Assessor's office at any time during that year. Applicants will need to provide proof of age and ownership when applying for the exemption. Contat the assessor with questions regarding document requirements.

Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption
This additional exemption, provided to senior citizens who are eligible for the Homestead Exemption, has one additional financial requirement: their annual GROSS HOUSEHOLD income must not exceed $55,000. For applications or questions concerning this exemption, please contact the Coe Township Assessor's office at 309-523-2497.

Home Improvement Exemption
This exemption defers, for four (4) years, assessment increases for property improvements such as additons or decks that add value to the property. A maximum of $75,000 of the property's market value may be deferred under this exemption, and improvements are generally not assessed until January 1 of the year following the improvement. This four year exemption is automatically applied by the Coe Township Assessor, therefore an application is not required. However, the owner must occupy the property which must be used exclusively for residential purpose.

Other Available Exemptions
Illinois offers additional property tax relief including: the Charitable Exemption, the Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption, the Disabled Veterans Exemption, the Disabled Veterans Standard Exemption, the Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze, the Historic Property Exemption, the Model Home Assessment Exemption, the Open Space Exemption, the Returning Veterans Exemption, and the Veterans Organization Assessment Freeze. 

For information on additional exemptions and property relief please see the Chief County Assessor's Office website.

Additional Benefits for Qualifying Citizens

Circuit Breaker Grant
The Illinois Department on Aging's Circuit Breaker program provides grants to low-income senior citizens and disabled citizens property tax and prescription medication assistance. When the costs of property taxes and prescription medicines begin to "overload" our seniors and persons with disabilities, this program steps in to help, like circuit breakers preventing overloads in electrical systems.

Questions about the grant should be directed to the Rock Island County Senior Center at 309-786-6335 or TDD (1-800-544-5304).

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