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Assessor's Office

One of the functions of Illinois townships is the assessment of real property for local taxation. The Assessor is required by law to uniformly assess properties at a median level of 33-1/3% or one-third of the market value. Equitable assessments ensure a fair distribution of the property tax burden among all property owners. Local property taxes pay for such services as schools, villages, libraries, park districts, and fire protection.

The Assessor maintains a file for every property located within the Coe Township. This file includes the lot size, a building sketch (if the property is improved) and descriptions of the improvements. When buildings are constructed, the assessor evaluates the information from blueprints and field inspections for each property. Changes to properties are monitored through building permits, sales listings and neighborhood inspections. The Assessor's property files are a valuable resource for realtors, homeowners and appraisers to compare and substantiate consistency.

The Coe Township Assessor's Office can provide additional information on the many facets of the assessment cycle, the appeal process, and senior exemptions. Residents are welcome to call and schedule an appointment to discuss their assessment concerns with The Assessor.

Property Tax Relief

Under Illinois law, several programs are available to provide property tax relief including the Illinois Homestead Exemption program, the Senior Citizens Real Estate Tax Deferral Program, the Senior Citizens Circuit Breaker Grants and the Disabled Veterans Exemption. See the Exemptions section for more information.

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Coe Township Assessor

9327 239th Street North

Port Byron, Illinois 61275






Office Hours:

Afternoons by appointment. Please call and leave a message to schedule your appointment. The Assessor will make every effort to return your call within one working day.